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African American Day Parade

Harlem’s African American Day Parade turns 50 this year.

New York City comes together today to celebrate African American culture with this meaningful parade.

It has been 50 years since the parade started.

“One year after the Civil Rights Act was passed, the African American Day Parade was formed as a way to promote unity, dignity and pride amongst African Americans,” explains the nonprofit organization that runs the parade.

Here is one of my favorite memories, because this little boy was full of the spirit.

He represents everything I love about African Americans, who survived the world’s greatest crime by loving, dancing, and singing.

The parade starts at 1pm and will include several interesting things.

For instance, there will be bands of people marching in Central Harlem’s Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.

Certainly, the festive mood brings out the community in joy and you will see spectators look on to those in the parade with admiration.

Meanwhile, a singer will be singing the Black National Anthem at 125th Street.

Therefore, the diversity of the community is on display unlike any other day!

The Governor, the Mayor, and celebrities will be there, too.

Enjoy the parade!

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