beaches in miami

Beaches in Miami

Beaches in Miami get the most tourist traffic.

Miami area gets millions of visitors each year.

“Why did you decide to come here?” I asked over hundred people in three days.

You want to know the number one reason?


Beaches in Miami Are Popular

There is a long coast here, decorated with beautiful towns and neighborhoods. The city of Miami has many sister cities in its county of Dade, as well as its northern sister county of Broward.

“I live in Missouri,” said Nancy, a woman who surprised her husband with a trip to Miami. “We don’t have anything like this,” Nancy added, as she spread her arms smiling to to Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach, home to the world famous South Beach, which gets the most tourist in any of these neighborhoods, towns, or cities surrounding Miami, is in Dade County.

Dimitry, a Russian, said he had always dreamed of coming here. He had seen, he said, Miami Vice, a popular 1980s film.

“I wanted to come here since,” he smiled. “I won’t be running after criminals on the sand, but I’m enjoying my morning runs here!”

Yes, who doesn’t like running on the beach?

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