dancing twins

Dancing Twins

Dancing twins, who go by Desertwinz, are of Arab and Persian background. They were born and raised in Germany.

They overcome a growing xenophobia in their country by working harder, they say.

Twins Face a Changing Country

When I first met them in 2015, they were just 23.

Berlin, where these young men live, is a place full of artists.

“We are very lucky to be here,” says Ahmed, one of the identical twins.

They travel all over Germany, Europe, and elsewhere as professional dancers and usually hold workshops, too.

“Despite the diversity in the city, people of non-German ethnic background do face difficulties,” tells me John, an American writer who travels the world and who had been for a while in Berlin at the time.

Although the twins agree, Ahmed says they overcome that by working harder.

“You can’t allow anyone to stop you,” he told me.

I photographed them here in central Berlin, dancing and we immediately had an adoring crowd.

“It’s always like that,” tells me Ahmed. “Wherever we go people look and are smiling. That makes us feel special.”


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