Goats in Agra

Goats in Agra

Goats in Agra are very well treated.

Why wouldn’t they be?

They offer their owners so much in return!

“We milk them,” says Asif, who is showing me a group of goats not far from the Taj Mahal. “A good female goat will give you over 200 days of milk each year,” he adds.

A female goat, called doe or nanny, will usually give birth within five months. Nevertheless, Asif tells me, people still milk them while they are pregnant.

“Usually, a farmer will stop about two months before giving birth.”

So, milking is a huge thing that goats contribute.

But that is not all they do.

Goats in Agra Give a Lot

Goats are also contribute manure, which people use to build things as well as use it as part of their farming tools.

“Another thing we enjoy about goats is the meat,” says Asif.

He tells me how mutton, which is what the meat of the goat is called in India, is the most favorite meat of the city. “It costs more than chicken,” he smiles.

Later, Asif takes me to a popular restaurant. We both order mutton rogan josh. This famous dish is almost twice as expensive as the chicken dishes.

The dish is of Persian origin. Blended spices give its famous flavor. As a result of the slow cooking, the meat is tender.

Due to the huge appetite of the local Muslims, who love to eat mutton, the skin of the goat is very popular.

As we return from the restaurant, we stop at a furniture shop. Asif shows me some of the many uses of goat skin, including leather.

In the late afternoon, after a well-deserved siesta and chai, Asif picks me up from the hotel. He had been telling me about a goat farm.

As such, we go there.

The farm, located on the outskirts of the town, pleasantly greets me with aromas, running baby goats, and happy children.

The family farms a particular breed called barbari, which are very cute goats that originally were imported from Somalia.

I thank Asif for a day of goats.

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